What is a casting ring?

The casting ring is made by the lost wax process and metal casting, and the metal materials are silver, stainless steel, titanium, and other metals.

casting ring
casting ring


Cast rings include skull rings, motorcycle rings, rocker rings, punk gothic rings, skull rings, animal head rings, and engagement/wedding rings with large crystals/stones.

Cast Ring Type
Cast Ring Type

Manufacturing process

Cast rings have various irregular shapes than ordinary rings. After analyzing and confirming the 3D design files, a prototype needs to be made to confirm the shape and size of the ring, then a wax mold is made on the jewelry mold, which is then filled with molten metal and cooled to give a strong pristine metal ring.

Finally do jewelry processing to get the finished ring: cut edges, drilling, polishing, corrosion pattern, PVD plating, enamel color, inlay/sticky stone/crystal, etc.


Skull rings are available in different designs including cubic zirconia eyes, iron cross rings, monocular skulls, middle eastern designs, tattooed skulls, and dragon skulls… These evil, bold and exaggerated skull rings are thick and bold when you wear them.

Skull Ring
Skull Ring

There are also some rings of different shapes that need to be made by lost wax casting techniques. Like curled feather rings, leaf rings, lion head rings, crown rings, flower rings, and special diamond rings.

Most popular

Cast rings are a favorite accessory for enthusiastic cyclists. The motorcycle ring reflects the personality, temperament, and loyalty of the biker. The ring is part of a cyclist’s hand. The cool design and heavyweight are intimidating and hard to ignore for cyclists.

Skull rings are known as badass jewelry. These bold skull rings can be worn to symbolize protection, fearlessness, strength, and power. Skull rings in various designs can help create a unique look.

At last

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