Stainless Steel Cast Jewelry Colors

Cast stainless steel jewelry includes cast rings, pendants, earrings, and other jewelry accessories.

The cast jewelry is sub-steel color and needs to be polished. This process requires great skill and experience, and we need to keep the texture details, even in the corners, like sharp teeth.

Stainless Steel Cast Pendant
Stainless Steel Color Cast Pendant

Color of cast jewelry

General color types are 18k gold, blue, black, rose gold, gray and multicolor. Our factory generally uses PVD electroplating (also known as furnace vacuum electroplating), which can make the color firm.

Multicolored and Blue Cast Ring
Multicolored and Blue Cast Ring

As one of the earliest manufacturers of PVD electroplating accessories in China, we promise to keep the color for 1~3 year. Casting jewelry is worried about fading, you can choose steel color, the color retention effect is lasting, this color accounts for 60% of our factory’s shipments.

Steel, Gold & Grey Cast Ring
Steel, Gold & Grey Cast Ring

Professional stainless steel casting jewelry factory introduction

Since 2004, Jiman Jewelry has been engaged in stainless steel jewelry production custom service, 316l casting jewelry is an important part of our company.

Our Cast Jewelry Delivery Times:
The sample completion time is about 21 days,
Bulk order time 30~45 days, depending on design and order quantity.

Jiman casting jewelry workshop
Jiman casting jewelry workshop

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