Is 316L stainless steel good for jewelry?

Looking for 316L stainless steel jewelry? Jiman jewelry offers you Chinese jewelry in 316L stainless steel, most of our jewelry uses 316L steel, and in this article, you can learn about all its advantages.

316L Stainless Steel Rose Bracelet
316L Stainless Steel Rose Bracelet

Raw material for 316L stainless steel jewelry

316L steel is an austenitic stainless steel with a nickel content of 10-12.5%, a chromium content of about 16.5-18.5%, a carbon content of not more than 0.02%, and a molybdenum content of 2-2.5%. The L in the abbreviation 316L indicates that it is a “low carbon” steel (low carbon).

Chemical elements of 316l stainless steel% Present
Carbon (C)0.02
Phosphorous (P)0.045
Manganese (Mn)2.00
Silicon (Si)1.00
Sulfur (S)0.015
Nickel (Ni)10.00 - 12.50
Chromium (Cr)16.50 - 18.50
Molybdenum (Mo)2.00 - 2.50

The advantages of 316l stainless steel jewelry

1. Safe to use. Lead-free, hypoallergenic, and while it does contain trace amounts of nickel, it will not be released from the steel as it is well integrated into the material, is human-friendly, and does not turn human skin green.

2. No special maintenance is required. It maintains a glossy and smooth feel even with daily wear, and its luster is close to platinum.

3. Can be recycled. 316l stainless steel can be endlessly recycled without losing its quality.

4. Antioxidant. Antioxidant allows 316l stainless steel jewelry to maintain discoloration when worn for extended periods.

316L stainless steel ring
316L stainless steel ring

5. Wear for life. It has higher creep, fracture stress, and tensile strength at high temperatures, and its high hardness makes it not easy to wear during work and can be worn for life.

6. Strong corrosion resistance. 316L stainless steel jewelry performs well even in freshwater with high chloride content and has excellent corrosion resistance in marine environments, its corrosion resistance is better than most stainless steel, and it can pass salt spray, and strong alkali, nitric, and sulfuric tests.

7. Low price and many styles. Jiman Stainless Steel Jewelry provides customization and packaging services for many jewelry brands around the world. At present, there are hundreds of thousands of different fashionable and personalized styles on the market. Most of the customized and wholesale prices are between 0.5-5 US dollars, which are deeply loved by customers.

8. Extremely popular. The extraordinary popularity of stainless steel globally continues as seen in a recent 2022 addition by 360 Research Reports titled “Stainless Steel Jewelry Market“, with research showing that the stainless steel jewelry market will grow at a CAGR in revenue over the next five years. rate will skyrocket.


316l stainless steel jewelry has excellent jewelry quality. It is environmentally friendly, human-friendly, durable, corrosion-resistant, affordable, and easy to use, making it the best choice for fashionistas all over the world today.

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