How to choose the right necklace length?

Not only do rings have different sizes but also necklaces with different lengths. The best length can reflect your temperament. People often ask how to choose the right necklace length. This seems to be a difficult task, but it must be the case. Now let’s discuss some tips and tricks to find the best necklace length for your personal style.

Standard necklace length
Standard necklace length

Women’s Standard Necklace Length:

Length (inches)StylePlacementBest with
14”CollarWraps around the throat/neckOpen-neck clothing such as scoop necks, V-necks, off-the-shoulder and boatnecks
16”Choker or BibAgainst the base of the throat/neckAlmost everything
17” to 18”PrincessAgainst the collarboneAlmost everything
20”-24”MatineeBetween the collarbone and the bustGreat for both business and casual wear
28” to 36”OperaOn or slightly below the bustHigh necklines and evening wear
37” to 42”RopeWrapped to sit on or just below the center of the bustElegant business and evening wear

NOTE: If you have a wider neck and are considering a shorter length, you may want to add an inch or two to the length.

Men’s Standard Necklace Length:

Men have fewer options, but it can be worn with any shirt or sweater.

Length (inches)Placement
18”Base of neck
20”Against the collarbone
22”Roughly 1”-3” below collarbone
24”Just above the breastbone
30”At or slightly below the breastbone

For the average man, the most common necklace length is 20 inches long, on the collarbone. For skinny men with smaller frames, 18 inches is more suitable for their body type. For larger males, a length of 22 – 24 inches is most common.

Children’s Standard Necklace Length:

AgeRecommended Chain Length (inches)
3 years10” - 12”
3 - 7 years12" - 14"
7 - 12 years14" - 16"
12+ yearssee adult necklace chain length table

Children’s necklace length depends on age. Younger kids will benefit from a short chain, but kids 12+ can choose a different style by wearing the standard adult recommendations of 16″-20″ or by following the Adult Necklace Length Chart.

How to Measure the Necklace That Fits You

Men's Stainless Steel Necklace
Men’s Stainless Steel Necklace

There are generally two easiest ways to measure.
The first is to measure your existing necklace with a tape measure.
The second is to use a softer string or ribbon to hang around your neck, then use a pin to fasten the ends. After doing this, you can stand in front of the mirror to adjust the length and make a mark. Remember that pendants will usually hang in a V shape rather than a softer curve. So the actual length may need to be increased by 1-2 feet.

Consider your face shape

When looking for the right necklace, you should find a necklace length that suits your face shape.

Necklace with face shape
Necklace with the face shape
Face shapeSuitable length (inches)
Heart face16”-18”
Round face18”22”
Oval face14”-18”
Square face20”-28”
Oblong face14”-16”

For example, a rounder face should usually have a longer necklace length, and the “V” shape formed by the necklace can be used to change the visual effect. Whereas longer faces require shorter and thicker necklaces to balance. A square face shape can wear a short bead necklace, which can ease the square feeling of the face shape. It is not suitable to choose diamond and square necklaces, so as not to affect the visual effect. Petite women may wish to avoid longer necklaces, opting for shorter or thicker necklaces for better results.

Necklaces match perfectly with different necklines

Necklaces and clothing
Necklaces and clothing
Neckline StylesNecklace Size Recommendations
Crew neck18"
Turtle neck20"-24"
Scoop neck16"-18"
Halter Neckline14"-16"
Scarf Neckline14"-24"

The length of the necklace is suitable for different occasions, and it is also a very important aspect to match the necklace with different collar clothes.

Final thoughts

Choosing the right necklace is really a plus for your temperament. Different lengths and sizes can form different styles. It is elegant and sexy, and you can attend various banquets.
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