Why use 316 stainless steel material for casting jewelry?

Casting jewelry is a very old jewelry process method for thousands of years when having metallurgical civilization. People use different metals as jewelry materials, such as gold, silver, copper, alloy, and so on.

Today, 316l stainless steel material is increasingly used for casting rings and pendants because of its many advantages:

Men's Stainless Steel Cast Pendant
316 Stainless Steel Cast Pendant
  1. 316l stainless steel is a safe material, widely used as a Medical knife instrument, kitchen, and tableware. So it’s a very new fashion material used in jewelry.
  2. Stainless steel has mature process methods and precise process technology. After getting raw stainless steel rings, we can process the jewelry: cutting edge, drilling, polishing, Corrosion pattern/LOGO, PVD plating, enamel color, inlay/stick stone/crystal, and so on. That can get very fashionable rings and pendants.
    Stainless Steel Cast Ring
    316 Stainless Steel Cast Ring
  3. Stainless steel is hard and when PVD plating, the color can keep for 1~3 years daily ware. That can coat with different colors, 18K gold, 14K gold, Rose gold, Blue, Black, and Gun.
  4. 316l stainless steel cost is much lower than silver. The casting rings have fast new model upgrading in the market, and to get a more competitive price, many brands also search the lower cost rings than silver casting rings.

Since 2004, Jiman Jewelry has been engaged in stainless steel jewelry production custom service, 316l casting jewelry is an important part of our company.

Our Cast Jewelry Delivery Times:
The sample completion time is about 21 days,
Bulk order time 30~45 days, depending on design and order quantity.

Jiman casting jewelry workshop
Jiman casting jewelry workshop

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